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Hamburg Süd regularly posts information and interesting facts about the company, our products, and the shipping and logistics industries on LinkedIn. Now photography and ship fans can also get their full share of enjoyment on Hamburg Süd’s Instagram page.

In the business world, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform and one of the 50 most-visited websites in the world. Hamburg Süd has also been present here since 2014 with its own account – and now has over 100,000 followers. They receive information several times a week about the company and the industry, and sometimes a guessing game is part of the package, too. Do you already know how many bananas fit inside a single container? If not, you’ll find the solution on Hamburg Süd’s LinkedIn page.

Since just recently, Hamburg Süd has also been present on Instagram, where we display our most beautiful pictures. Whether in front of the Sydney Opera House or off the remote Pacific island of St. Helena, Hamburg Süd’s red ships are good motifs to photograph all over the world, inspiring photographers and ship lovers alike across the globe.


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Have you taken a nice photograph of a Hamburg Süd ship or container yourself that you plan to post on Instagram? If so, we’d be thrilled if you could also add the hashtags #hamburgsud, #hamburgsued or #hamburgsüd.

Our Brazilian subsidiary Aliança is also present on LinkedIn .