Carrers at sea - Apprenticeship as Ship Mechanic


Cover letter: We want to know something about who you are as a person. Make sure your cover letter is personal and reflects you. Why do you want to become a ship mechanic? Why would you like to apply to Hamburg Süd? What strengths do you bring? And when would you like to begin your apprenticeship?

Résumé with photo: Your résumé should be in tabular form and include information about what you’ve done so far, where you went to school, and what school certificate you have completed (or what certificate are you working towards). If you’ve served any internships, what did they involve? Do you speak any foreign languages? What are your hobbies?

Report cards: We need a copy of your last two school report cards.

Internship certificate: If you have completed an internship, include proof of completion.

Fitness for sea service: We need a copy of your valid German medical certificate proving your fitness for deck service and for service in the engine and electro-technical departments. You’ll find a list of physicians approved for conducting the required medical exam and issuing the certificates here .

Note: If you are under 18 years of age, please include a consent form signed by your parents or guardians.