Frequently asked questions

How do I qualify for an apprenticeship?
We expect good German, math, and English skills. Those applying in the IT field are expected to have IT knowledge. Shipping agents and tourism managers need good knowledge of geography. In addition to these subject-specific qualifications, we place great value on communication skills, open-mindedness, and a willingness to take on responsibility.

How do I qualify for a work–study program?
Those wishing to enter the Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics work–study program need an above-average university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate, and they must pass the NORDAKADEMIE assessment test. Acceptance into the Bachelor of Science Business Administration work–study program requires a university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate with an average of 10 points in German, math, and English.

What happens once I send in my application?
We check every application. If your application elicits our interest, we will invite you and other applicants to participate in our selection process, which takes about half a day. If you make the right impression with your abilities and demeanor, you will be invited to a one-on-one interview. This will be the basis of our decision on whether to grant you an apprenticeship position.

How will applicants with disabilities be handled?
Applicants with disabilities who demonstrate equal qualification and suitability will be given priority.

When can I begin my apprenticeship or work–study program?
Our apprentices and work–study program participants usually begin on August 1st of each year. For shipping agents, IT specialists, and tourism managers, the apprenticeships can also begin on February 1st.

How long are the apprenticeships and work–study programs at Hamburg Süd?
Apprenticeships for applicants with a university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate last 2.5 years, and for everyone else three years. The work–study program in Business Administration also lasts three years, while the work–study program for Business Informatics takes 3.5 years.

Where does the vocational training take place and how is it organized?
Our apprenticeships usually have teaching in blocks. Apprentices attend vocational school twice a year, for six weeks each time. The rest of the time they spend at Hamburg Süd. Teaching for shipping agents and tourism managers takes place at the H 18 Berliner Tor vocational school. Our office managers and IT assistants take lessons at the H 7 City Nord . Lessons for IT specialists take place in blocks at the G 18 Dratelnstraße .

Who much do apprentices at Hamburg Süd earn?
Hamburg Süd pays its apprentices in accordance with the collective wage agreement for shipping agents published by the Verein der Hamburger Rheder r.V. (the Hamburg Shipowners Association). In addition to their wages, our apprentices also receive subsidized meals in our company restaurant, a job ticket for the HVV (the HVV ProfiCard) public transportation system, and a year-end bonus.