As a future-driven company with a 140-year tradition, we see sustainable conduct as an indispensable part of our entrepreneurial activity. In pursuing this goal, Hamburg Süd relies on a business development that adopts a comprehensive view of the three key areas ecology, society and economics. We understand sustainability as seeking to reconcile economic efficiency, environmental protection and social responsibility based on stable economic development. Our Sustainability Report informs about our material sustainability topics.

Being a responsible business, compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations is of utmost importance to us. In this regard, we attach great value to active communication with internal and external stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and NGOs. For instance, as a member of initiatives such as the Clean Cargo Working Group , we champion the drive for more sustainability in the international transport business.

The three key components environment, society and economics can in turn be subdivided into various subareas as shown in the following diagram. More information is available by pressing single subareas.

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Sustainability targets

  • CO2e reduction -45% till 2020 (compared with 2009 levels)
  • 95% of dry container newbuildings to be made from bamboo or other alternative materials (between 2016-2020)
  • 0 fatalities ashore and at sea
  • 0 oil spills on board our ships
  • 0 corruption incidents

Further information is available in our sustainability report.


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