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Carbon footprint calculator

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These are arithmetical, average CO2 emissions calculated for a standard container (TEU) on the basis of a wide variety of theoretical factors. However, in actual vessel operation the CO2 levels may diverge from the arithmetical values, for example due to meteorological conditions.

The figures shown above are based on full capacity utilization as measured in nominal capacity. You can apply an average utilization factor and an average distance factor in addition. CCWG recommends in this case a utilization factor of 70 % and a distance factor of 15 %. In order to apply an average utilization factor, divide the CO2 figure by 0.7. In order to apply a distance factor, multiply the CO2 figure by 1.15. This will give you a more realistic picture of the amount of CO2 emitted as, on a global average, ships do not sail fully laden and usually do not connect the ports chosen on a direct service.
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