Profound knowledge of the market makes the difference

Aside from container liner services, the Hamburg Süd Group has been active in tramp shipping since 1952. In contrast to liner shipping, there are no fixed routes and sailing times in the tramp sector – it is needs-driven. When and where a particular ship is loaded, and where it sails, depends on the customers, their cargo and, ultimately, the market. Commensurately keen is the attention paid by the shipping group's staff to the constantly changing market, to enable them to provide the right ship in the right place at the best possible time for you.

As well as with Rudolf A. Oetker (RAO), the shipping group is present on the world's oceans with the brand Aliança Bulk (Aliabulk) in the tramp sector. Together, they deploy more than 50 bulk carriers and product tankers.

The bulkers transport “dry bulk commodities” such as fertlisers, grain, coal or bauxite. Available for this segment are handysize and handymax vessels of 35,000 to 58,000 tdw, as well as panmaxes of up to 76,000 tdw. The shipping group's product tankers are used to carry “liquid bulk commodities” like fuel oil, aviation fuel and diesel, but also transport molasses, vegetable oils and light chemicals. The focus here is on smaller units of up to 45,000 tons capacity. Unlike the large supertankers, they can also call at smaller ports and have multiple pump and loading systems, permitting them to fill separate tank sections with different types of cargo. All tanks are coated and equipped with special high-pressure sprinkler systems to allow for extremely thorough cleaning.